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Introducing a new revolutionary product. It's purpose is to extinguish fires, and control the extensive damage caused by fire, smoke and water. This product can be used in many different industries as well as in construction, residential, automotive, as well as in fabrics and textiles.

This product will reduce the amount of catastrophic events that causes fires and more importantly and most of all, it will save lives. To further assist those who fight fires, there will be a reduction of injuries. The last element is the reduction of loss of property, as a result, insurance premiums will be affordable to all.

The product I am speaking of is none other than Fire Foam!

Fire Foam is the creation of MC H.L. Luckey. After a decade of research of catastrophic fires covering the globe of every sort, MC H.L. Luckey has achieved an environmently safe product with the ability to be recycled.

MC H.L. Luckey, along with several leaders in their fields, have assisted in bringing this fine product to fruition. A few contributors have been Texaco Corporation, SCI (Solution Control, Inc.). Siemens Global, Germany location, Ampex Corporation, SRI, and Kelly Moore Paints.

Fire Foam is being manufactured by Dow Corporation.