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Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Products Fire Foam is user friendly due to its easy operation and is available in many sizes for residential and commercial use.  

Spraying the product to effective areas will not only protect lives and property, but also your pets! 

1.   Is it safe to use?
Yes, Creative Products Fire Foam is environmentally safe and OSHA approved.

2.   What is the best way to apply it?
Spray all adjacent areas that need to be fire retarded.

3.   How much coverage of Creative Products Fire Foam is needed? 

One gallon will cover 1,000 square feet.

4.   How long does it take to dry once it has been sprayed? 

Two to four hours.

5.   How long is an area protected once it is sprayed? 

6 months depending on conditions.

6.   Where can it be properly stored and for how long? 

Up to 5 years if seal is broken; 24 months if seal is not broken, with a 10% loss of strength per year past the target date. Store Fire Foam in a cool ventalated area.

7.   What sizes are available? 

One treated gallon per 50 square feet for residential use and 55 to 2,000 treated gallons per 50 square feet for commercial use.

8.   What is Fire Foam's main element? 

It can be applied using various methods and reduces fire risk of property destruction by 97%.

9.   What makes Fire Foam different than any other foam? 

It eliminates the use of water thus eliminating water damage. Fire Foam is safe for the Eco System, it doesn't deplete the ozone layer, it is non-toxic, has no known allergic reactions, and is safe for all humans and pets. Fire Foam is now available and affordable for residential and commericial use. 

The various methods are non hazardous and non flammable and consist of the following:

Fires can be dangerous and deadly so why leave it to chance. Protect your family, property and pets.



Creative Products Fire Foam is coming to your area soon!