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Peter Voser, Director & CEO of Shell Oil Company

"With my diverse business and finance background, Fire Foam has got to be the best investment anyone could make! Now I can help save my family and my home from disaster."

Jerry Lewis, Entertainer

"Fire Foam is a world wide resolution! I've never seen anything like it, and can't wait until it's available to consumers."

Steve Wynn, Casino Owner

"Being a home owner with properties all over the world, I'm pleased to know I can sleep at night with my home being protected with Fire Foam!"

Barry Manilow, Song Writer/Musician

"This is the best product yet! I now have a way to protect my property and most importantly keep my family safe."

Gayle King, Editor-at-Large of O, The Oprah Magazine

"Spending several years overseas due to my fathers' work has opened my eyes to the fact that a product such as '911' Fire Foam must be used globally by everyone.  This product will help in so many ways and prevent further disaster to our Nation."

Jack La Lanne, Fitness Guru

"In all my years I've never seen a product of this nature. The opportunity to save life of all facets will be the greatest thing I've seen yet!"

Bill Hewitt, Co-Founder of Hewitt Packard

"Fire Foam is the answer to our global cry for help! We now can save our pets, family, rain forests, and homes. This product is user friendly and a life saver!"

Tonya Hoover, Acting California State Fire Marshall

"The state of California has undergone much catastrophe due to man made and natural causes of fire. We will be truly blessed to have such a product that is so versatile."

Steven Spielberg, Director, Screenwriter & Producer 

"This is the greatest invention ever!  Being that I am no stranger to the threat of house fires, I would buy this product in a heartbeat.  I wish this was thought of 10 years is truly going to be a life saver for everyone and now I can protect my family, home and my most prized possessions."

Joan Rivers, Entertainer

"Creative Products Fire Foam is a wonderful product.  Millions of dollars have been lost to damaged homes and cars; it is great to have a product like this"

Celine Dion, Singer/Entertainer

"Creative Products Fire Foam not only provides protection, but saves peoples lives."

Alicia Keys, Singer/Songwriter

"Since my home has been threatened with brush fires before, "Creative Products Fire Foam" is a product I would definitely keep on hand."

Victoria Stringer, R.N., CLNC

"When I first heard about Fire Foam, I knew this was going to be the best product out on the market.  I will now be able to sleep with ease knowing I can protect my house and adjacent property and keep my family safe from disaster."

Clint Eastwood, Actor

"Creative Products Fire Foam is a product I would love to have for my home, especially since California is always threatened by fire storms."

Bob Barker, Television Host

"Wow! What a wonderful idea.  In the event of a disaster this would be a product I would use."

Ace Young, Vocal Artist/Writer

"This product is a life saver! I can't imagine what it is like to lose personal property due to fire, but I would definitely keep Creative Products Fire Foam on site for preventative measures."

Shirley Cesar, Gospel Singer

"I've never seen a better product, especially one that is targeted for the best interest of the consumer."

Paula White, Evangelist

"This is a great product; I can't believe as a consumer I will have access to something like this that will save my property and my family."

GYSGT Valerie J. Little

"With over 20 years of military experience along with my knowledge of how this product works, I believe that the military and the general public will benefit from "Creative Products Fire Foam"."