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"Special Thanks"

Thank you to those who have helped me along my journey, and went above and beyond to show kindness to me.  Special thanks goes to:
Our Lord Our Savior, who kept His mighty hand on me
My "Earth Angels" (you all know who you are)
Tavia Day
Alura Webb
Shakesha Simmons, Asst. Director of Sports of Oklahoma State University
Victoria Stringer
Byron Stringer, may your dreams come true
Evonda Benton
Cha Kenzie White
Christopher Swan
Channing Toombs 
Karla Woodfork
Colata Woodfork, you conquored cancer and found strength to write my bio, thank you. 
The entire Woodfork Family
Tamie Kaye
St. Thomas, former member Two Live Crew & The Poison Clan
Adam Stringer, aka "The Bug Man"
Gayle Lillard
D. Boy, who co-wrote the song, "No one Loves Me Like Jesus"
Rodniesha & Niakara Luckey, may the Lord bless & keep you
Connie Watkins Luckey, may the Lord keep you in His arms
Rodriquez Luckey
Laurlie Bonner, may God bless your new marriage
April and Kevin, may your marriage last forever
Briana Nash, keep your dreams alive
Brian Nash, my blessings to you
Yanni Martin, stay in school so you can teach one day
Cynthia Martin, congratulations on your new life and marriage
Ashley Nash
Albert & Jacqueline Cook, Jr.
Emma Knighton
Good Morning America
TV One New York


Monthly Updates

Fire Foam is and will always be a global necessity! Click on the links below to find out how we've been saving lives and property around the world.  Please feel free to check back monthly for new updates and find out where Fire Foam has been. 

Louisiana — The number of forest fires more than doubled in Louisiana during the first two months of the year because of dry, windy weather.

BP Oil Spill Fire — A Timeline of Unfortunate Events

Texas — Thousands of acres of land are being consumed by wildfires raging across West Texas. A release sent out by the Texas Division of Emergency Management said the state is facing extreme wildfire danger, owing mainly to the current conditions of high winds and low humidity levels.

Fire Foam Was On Stand-by in Chile during the rescue of the coal miners.

California — In 2010, California had over 4,000 residential fires.  Out of those fires 53 people died.........


Wild Fire burns 1.4 million Acres across 12 states: